When are the 2019 HSC Results and ATARs released?

When Are The 2019 HSC Results And ATAR Released?

We answer the #1 burning question all 2019 Year 12 students have on their mind…

In a new twist of events, the 2019 HSC Results and ATAR will be released on the same day – no longer will you have to wait 24 hours to get your ATAR score this year!

How do I access my HSC results?

HSC results will be released on Tuesday 17th December at 6:00am. Results are sent out from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) by text message and email.

How do I access my 2019 ATAR Score?

In New South Wales, the ATAR will be released on Tuesday 17th December at 1pm. In order to receive your ATAR score, you will need your UAC PIN and Year 12 student number.

Simply log onto the UAC Website, or the My UAC App on Tuesday 17 December 2019 at 1pm to access your ATAR.

How is the final ATAR calculated?

Most students roughly know that their HSC marks are calculated 50% from their school assessments (a set of 5-6 assessment tasks including half-yearly and trial examination), and 50% from a common HSC exam paper.

There are 6 stages to calculating your ATAR that you should be familiar with:

School assessments are used to determine rankings

Common HSC Exam – all students sit the common paper

NESA determines the HSC assessment and HSC exam marks

UAC scales each score to a score out of 50

A score out of 500 is then determined from the best 10 units

ATAR is determined based on percentiles

Where can I go from here?

If you’re in Year 12 Class of 2019, then you would’ve already had to pick your university preferences by now for admission in 2020. Now that you have received your ATAR score, you can adjust your preferences for the best possible chance of getting into your preferred course.

By December 20th, students can download their credentials online by using their NESA student number and pin here. By January 2020, students will receive their certificate in the mail.

Need to calculate your ATAR before the results are released? Try our Talent 100 ATAR Calculator and for some extra guidance by clicking here.

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