Meet our Year 12 Student, Nicholas who comes from Knox Grammar School and studies at our Talent 100 Chatswood Centre

Talent's Year 12 Class of 2020: Nicholas Wijaya

Name: Nicholas Wijaya

School: Knox Grammar School

Overall, how do you think you went in the 2020 HSC?

The exams went quite well and after a lot of consistent practice, it made me feel more confident even when approaching the harder questions.

Were the HSC 2020 Examinations what you expected?

Some questions were really unusual. They involved the integration of different topics (several topics merged into one question).

Was there anything you wish you did differently?

Not really, I was pretty happy with how I did and I was proud of the effort I put in beforehand.

Can you describe your experience studying at Talent?

Talent provided a way of social learning which worked with a break while studying efficiently at the same time – and I wasn’t burning out all the time. Mentors were really good at Talent 100 Chatswood, with a level of banter which makes it really enjoyable (while also staying professional!).

What do you like most about out Talent 100 Chatswood Campus? 

The environment at Talent 100 Chatswood is friendly, professional and neat all the time. It’s a great place to go if you’re sick at studying at home.

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How did Talent add value to Year 12 and your overall HSC experience?

Talent 100 targets the harder questions, while school mainly focuses on the core concepts. But Talent takes it one step further and really teaches students how to think outside the box.

Can you describe the teaching style of our Talent Mentors?

The Mentors at Talent are good, professional and easy to understand. They break down key concepts in simple steps, and later blend it all together.

How have our Mentors influenced your experience at Talent?

Marcus Pannu was really great and had great banter. He was really confident teaching, while providing personal tips, including how he would approach a question, or what should be included in an answer.

Can you tell us a little bit about your favourite class at Talent?

I really enjoyed Year 12 Physics at Chatswood – it was a great class as a whole. All the students got along really well and we all contributed the class.

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