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How Does An ATAR Calculator Work?

No more guesswork or assumptions, we’ve done the number crunching for you.

How do I choose the right subjects to maximise my ATAR in the HSC? This is a common question we receive from Talent students who are in Year 10, and find themselves with the tough task of choosing their HSC subjects for the next two years. Here’s some of our tips to help you choose your subjects, and

Select, calculate or break down your ATAR target

In order to maximise your ATAR, you should be acutely aware of how each of your subjects scale and adjust your studies accordingly.

Most students intuitively know that easier subjects tend to scale downwards, while harder subjects like Mathematics Extension 1 & 2 tend to scale up – all relative to their difficulty. Take a look at a snippet from our Subject Selection webinar, where our Academic Director, Nikhil Vasan discusses why some subjects scale better than others:

At Talent 100, we’ve created a unique online ATAR Profiling tool that will show you how to translate any ATAR into a specific mark or rank in each of your individual subjects.

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How does our ATAR Calculator work?

Most students roughly know that their HSC marks are calculated 50% from their school assessments (a set of 5-6 assessment tasks including half-yearly and trial examinations) and 50% from a common HSC exam paper. To succeed in the HSC, it helps to be specific.

There are in fact 6 stages to calculating your ATAR that you should also be familiar with:

How Does An ATAR Calculator Work?

What information do I need to provide to generate an ATAR?

Create your own ATAR Profile, and learn what marks you need for each of your subjects as well as receiving historical data on the ATAR cut-off for your desired university course. By saving your ATAR profile with us, you can keep track of your account and come back later in the year to compare your score, or share it with your friends after Trials.

Simply choose your subjects or target ATAR, and we’ll do the rest for you! Check out our Talent 100 ATAR Calculator by clicking here!

Need some more information?

Check out our seminars/webinars where we discuss scaling, how the ATAR works, and how to get the most out of your subjects in the HSC. Click here to keep an eye out for the next seminar.

If you’re on the search for HSC tuition or simply want to find out more about our ATAR calculator at Talent 100, reach out to our Student Services by calling 1300 999 100 and we’ll help you with your query.

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