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What Are The Benefits Of High School Tutoring In Term 4?

Tuition might be the last thing that’s on your mind in Term 4, but it’s important to start sooner rather than later.

Considering starting your high school tuition in Term 4? Not only do you get a head start by commencing your tuition now, but you also get the complete support and motivation from our team of Mentors and Subject Heads in English, Mathematics, the Sciences (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) and Economics. Explore the benefits of Term 4 High School tuition today at Talent 100:

Learn 1 Term Ahead

All of our Talent 100 subjects are taught at least one term ahead across our 5 Talent 100 Learning Centres. Why? This ensures that you’ve covered the entire module before your school, and you can spend this time revising rather than learning the content from scratch. We also offer 1 on 1 tutorials which will ensure you have time with your Mentor to understand the content at a deeper level.


The best part about starting your tuition in Term 4 is that you’ll actually be revising the content when you cover it in school with your classmates. Not only does this mean that you’ll have a better grasp of the information, but that you’ll also have an advantage since you have already mastered this content at Talent.


At Talent 100, we believe that each new concept must be experienced 3 times to be truly learnt. This includes:

In-class: With a qualified Mentor who teaches the theory and concepts, worked through with examples and Q&A.

In-class and at home: Exam-style questions (quiz) and online homework which is marked on a weekly basis with the option of 1 on 1 personalised tutorials for students (Year 11 & 12: Mathematics and the Sciences)

In-centre and online: Specific exam preparation and holiday revision courses

Students can also expect regular progress feedback for parents and students to identify areas of weakness and ensure continuous across our Talent 100 Learning Centres.

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With 5 Talent 100 Learning Centre’s spread out across Sydney, you’re bound to find a class and centre that’s convenient for you.

Learn ahead for an ATAR advantage at Talent 100 today and take advantage of our 2 Week Free Trial today across our 5 learning centres catering to students in Year 7-12. You can find us at the following locations, easily accessible by Train and Metro stations:

Sydney CBD: Level 2, 225 Clarence Street Sydney (5 Mins from Town Hall Station)

Burwood: 52 Burwood Road Burwood (6 Mins from Burwood Train Station)

Chatswood: Level 5, 1-5 Railway Street Chatswood (2 Mins from Chatswood Train/Metro Station: Located in North Tower)

Epping: Shop 20 & 24 (Upper Ground), 74 Rawson Street Epping (3 Mins from Epping Train/Metro Station)

Hurstville: Level 3, 12 Butler Avenue Hurstville (1 Min from Hurstville Station – located behind the train station)

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