Year 7-12 High School Tuition: FAQ

What subjects are taught at Talent 100?

Talent’s courses are offered for years 7-12. In Years 7-9 we offer Maths and English, and in Year 10 we offer Maths, English and Science.

Our Year 11 courses are Advanced and Extension Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Economics. Please note we commence our Year 11 courses at the beginning of Term 4 for Year 10 students.

Our Year 12 courses are Advanced, Extension I and Extension II Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Economics. These courses also commence at the beginning of Term 4 for Year 11 students.

What do I get when I enrol in Talent 100?

All enrolled students are entitled to:

  • Weekly classes with a Talent Mentor
  • Printed Theory Notes and Homework
  • Individual logins to online learning platform ( which contains available subject resources
  • Marked Homework
  • Limited access to 1:1 tutorials as outlined in course guidelines
  • Access to in-centre study and relaxation facilities during opening hours

Students who choose to pay their enrolment fees upfront for the year are also entitled to:

  • Discount on overall enrolment fees
  • Attendance in holiday revision courses (where offered)

What makes Talent 100 different from other Tuition colleges?

Talent 100 is unique in its approach to results-focused teaching and learning.

We differentiate ourselves by having:

  • 3 Generations of the highest calibre Mentors, expert in the new HSC Syllabus. We appreciate that every student has a unique learning style and respond differently to different teachers. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of teachers with 30+ years experience, Advanced Degree / PhD holders and recent HSC Graduates so you can find a style that best suits your learning.
  • An academic system centred around 3 ‘repetitions’ of learning being in-class, at home and online ( and in tutorials and in the holidays (revision). Our holistic approach eliminates rote-learning and faciliates genuine comprehension to maximise marks.
  • A fostering culture to prepare students not only for exams but careers beyond. Our students enjoy coming to Talent, to learn, share knowledge and network.

Who writes the course materials for Talent 100? Are they updated for the new HSC syllabus?

Talent 100’s Academic Team is led by our Founder, Richard Chua, and consists of:

  • David Sadler (Co-author of Cambridge University maths textbooks), Dr Jenny Wells (Ex PLC, Ascham, Kambala)
  • Masters-qualified and PhDc teachers
  • Recent High achiever, including top state ranking Mentors (tutors) who have topped the state in the HSC.

Our Academic Team has together translated their knowledge into a practical high-quality set of notes that covers everything you need to know for the new HSC syllabus being examined from 2019.

What type of personal information will I need to provide online to enrol, and is it secure?

The information we require is related directly to your enrolment. You will be asked for students and parent/guardian contact details (including mailing address, phone number and email address), as well as your bank or credit card details to process your payment and confirm your enrolment. Credit card details are held in an encrypted form and complies to the highest security standards prescribed for data of this kind.

I’m having issues completing enrolment form. How can I get help?

By calling Talent 100 directly on 1300 999 100, or you can submit an online Contact Us form and a HSC Consultant will be in touch within 24 hours.

The class I want to choose is full. What should I do?

Call us on 1300 999 100 or submit an online Contact Us form as soon as possible to add yourself to a class waiting list. Talent 100 regularly opens new classes throughout the term based on demand and student requirements.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

If you have a problem that hasn’t been resolved here, please call us directly on 1300 999 100 or submit an online Contact Us form.

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