Use your holidays wisely to get a kickstart into 2021.

Complete all Term 1 material in the holidays so you are ahead of the game.

Subjects offered

  • Adv. Eng

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Economics

Year 11 & 12 Acceleration Program

Complete a full term’s content in 4 intensive days prior to school starting. Start 2021 ahead of your school program so you are revising rather than learning it for the first time. Students can access 1-1 tutorials and online resources during term when required.

Maths Ext I, Physics & Chemistry, English, Economics

Revision Programs

For current and new students to revise the previous term’s content and ensure mastery of material. 1 day courses catch up any gaps in learning, and are the perfect way to revise before the school year starts. Included free for yearly enrolments.

Maths Adv, Ext I & II, Physics, Chemistry & Biology

Talent 100 is almost like a second home to me as I have met many new and amazing people who have inspired me to find myself in the world. The staff are very caring and friendly and are constantly there to assist you if you have any troubles.

Janaki Kodakalla

I believe that Talent 100 is the best tutoring centre in NSW. After I came to Talent, I got top marks in my class… I guarantee that Talent 100 will not disappoint you.

Jay Cheung

I often use the analogy of swimming to explain how Talent 100 has helped me: they teach you ‘stroke correction’…how to swim more efficiently, so you swim faster and get to the end quicker

Bridie Peters

Talent 100 has really fostered my learning. Their mentors are always willing to help and the online resources were immense and allowed me to learn anywhere at any time. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Talent 100 and I will miss it a lot when I finish my HSC.

Isobel Healey

Great futures begin with great HSC results

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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