Tips and tricks for nailing HSC Chemistry

The HSC Chemistry Study Guide

The time before your Trials is so crucial; it is in your best interest to revise the main topic areas and go through any information which is troubling you.

Depend on your notes

This is why note-taking throughout the year is so important! We highly recommend making notes at the end of each week throughout the term – it makes it so much easier to look back and revise before your assessments and examinations.

If you don’t have a good set of notes, now is a good time to start creating them. Tie your notes into specific points from the syllabus – this ensures you have covered all the necessary dot points before the exams.

Practice papers

The best way to put your theory and note-taking to into practice is to try taking tests in examination conditions. There are a few different roads you can go down through this method:

HSC Past Papers

Practice papers from your school

Exams at the end of your textbooks

Tuition papers and holiday courses focusing on the final exams

Here at Talent, we’re also running a July Holiday Program which is essential in preparing you for HSC Trials and the final examinations. We will run through Modules 5-7 with you, then on the final day will go through real questions written by our team of experts for each part of the syllabus.

Once you’ve completed a paper, the most important thing is to get it marked! Whether it’s your friend, tutor or a teacher from school – make sure that you find someone to look over your work for you. This is the only way you can learn from your mistakes, and progress with your study.

Video resources

Depending on the best way you retain information, watching Chemistry being playing out in video format is a great way to break up your study, and learn in an interactive way.

We have also created a free HSC Chemistry series for Module 5 (Equilibrium and Acid Reactions) together with our Talent 100 Academic Director, Dr Nikhil Vasan.

The video series breaks down the main parts of Module 5 with theory and real-life questions and solutions – so you can watch Nikhil go through each topic before your Trials.

Click here to explore our video series for Year 12 HSC Chemistry covering Equilibrium and Acid Reactions.

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