Virtual Classes For Year 7 – 12 NSW Students

Introducing: Year 7 - 12 Virtual Classes In New South Wales

In the wake of COVID-19, there’s a strong possibility that we will be seeing schools across Australia closing in large numbers.

At Talent 100 Education, we will be supporting Year 7 – 12 students across New South Wales with online virtual classes, so students can continue their schoolwork and are not disadvantaged by closures.

Our academic program consists of weekly classes (teaching the HSC and NESA syllabus), supplements by weekly homework (uploaded and marked online), and extra resources to complete from home. Our virtual classes will be hosted on Google Hangouts Meet, an online classroom solutions which allows both teachers and students to ask questions – just like they would in a typical classroom.

Having virtual classrooms ensures that students across New South Wales will not miss large components of the school syllabus, particularly for HSC students. Marked homework, quizzes and small tutorials will also continue to be available for all enrolled students. Subjects include English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Maths Extension 1 & 2, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Economics.

Check out a preview of our Virtual Class for HSC Chemistry with our Mentor, Helena:

If you don’t currently have an e-learning plan in place for your family, contact us today on 1300 999 100 and see how Talent 100 can nurture your learning experience.

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