Talent 100 Mentors across English, Maths, Sciences & Economics

Meet Your 2019/2020 Talent 100 Mentors

Three Generations of HSC Experts, experienced teachers, PHD’s, and 99.95 Mentors

Led by Richard Chua, Talent 100’s ‘Subject Heads’ are subject matter experts and experienced leaders in their respective fields. We’re proud to have built a team of high calibre educators, PhD Academics, Masters qualified teachers (ex Heads of Sydney’s top Private Schools) and a Cambridge University Text Maths Book Author.

Why do we call our teachers Mentors?

We call our teachers and tutors “Mentors” because they deliver more than simply theory.

Talent 100 Mentors are all outstanding achievers but it’s their passion for teaching and mentoring that matters most. Whilst an exceptional academic record is a must, our Mentors are also chosen for their ability to work with students of all levels and provide the pastoral guidance for future success.

Check out your Mentors for 2019/2020 by clicking for Mentors – Chatswood (T4 2019), Mentors – Epping (T4 2019), Mentors – Hurstville (T4 2019), Mentors – Burwood & CBD (T4 2019).


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