Name: Clinton Ho

School: Sydney Tech

Now you have finished the HSC, what is your number 1 tip for students? 

Breathing and taking breaks is a great way to calm your nerves. Usually I get worked up when work I’ve been given starts cascading.

What did you gain out of tutoring and how would you describe your experience at Talent?

At the start of Talent 100, I was planning to improve my Physics since I was doing poorly in my physics course due to the lack of understanding I had. I struggled with a lot of Physics topics and this confusion of ideas just caved and I started to panic with my studies. Luckily, with Talent 100, I managed to understand core ideas of Physics and it allowed me to understand most of the concepts while also organising the ideas.

I found Talent 100 to have an enjoyable environment, no bickering, just a fun and exciting atmosphere in a learning environment. Honestly the best part about being tutored at Talent 100 was that the work we did wasn’t just work pushed onto us but work that we go through and we are guided through, and that really improved my studies. 

Who was your mentor and how did they help you?

Due to the calm nature of my mentor, Pranav, I was able to understand the core aspects of topics I didn’t understand but also he kept asking us if we understood. Usually I’m a bit shy to ask questions but because of the attentiveness of Pranav with the class, I was able to ask my mentor to clarify certain things I didn’t know and that helped me improve in Physics. 

Having a younger mentor did help as he was able to understand the conditions we were in and he was easy to talk to unlike older ones that I usually don’t really talk to due to being afraid. Being a small class, the class wasn’t as rowdy as my class at school and a quiet environment for when I want to focus on learning which is a major upside.

What are you planning to study in the future? 

I’ve also been wondering about it but I’d like to be a teacher or an accountant but for now, I’m not sure.

How would you describe your Talent experience in a few words?

​​If I could describe Talent-100 in one word, it would be: Great.

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