Name: Rylee McKinstry

School: Pymble Ladies College

Subjects taken at Talent: Economics

How would you describe the learning environment at Talent 100 and what would you consider the best part? 

The learning environment at Talent 100 is always interactive and collaborative – so in lessons I am constantly being tested on my knowledge and growth, and feel comfortable to ask questions if anything is unclear. My favourite part about Talent, specifically, my economics teacher, is that his support extends beyond our weekly classroom lessons, and he is constantly updating us with relevant arguments and marking our work throughout the week. I can send him any questions or Essays to read over and he gets back to me so quickly. This allows me to consolidate my learning at home, and then we get so much fast paced and uninterrupted learning of the content in the classroom. Another favourite thing about learning at Talent is that the lessons are structured so the content isn’t just ‘talked at us’ – but rather, the lesson consists of both our teacher’s teaching of the content in an interactive way, and MC and short answer questions at the end, allowing us to consolidate our fresh understanding with his guidance.

What were you aiming to achieve by attending Talent 100 and how did we help you achieve that?

I was struggling with economics being my worst subject prior to Talent, and I was looking for a program which would allow me to grasp a deeper and more refined understanding of the content to improve my ability to answer all types of questions. Talent was amazing in helping me achieve my goal. Through the lessons, notes provided and support in marking and refining my essay and short answer work, I was able to outperform myself and by far my peers in the trial. 

Prior to Talent, I was sitting at a 78% average, and in the trial after being with talent for 5 months, I got a raw mark of 92% and was the only person in the cohort to get above 88%.

How did you find the resources?

I really enjoyed having the notes bound in a book. Having them all in one place, and available in both hard copy and online made studying so much more productive. My school notes come in sheets and they just get lost, so having them bound made them much more accessible.

Have you tried our holiday programs? If so, how did they benefit your learning?

I participated in the July Trial prep course for Economics. This was imperative to helping me prepare for the trial as the content was gone through in an accessible way, testing me through all types of question forms. Our teacher provided amazing resources which brought the standard of my work to a more sophisticated level, and consolidated my knowledge.

Have you used the tutorials and if so how have they been beneficial?

Our teacher provided a range of opportunities to get tutorial support outside of our usual weekly lessons. This came through the form of both extra lessons, and constant marking feedback for dozens of essays and short answers I submitted. I found them beneficial as it allowed me to get extra support on areas which needed improvement without disrupting the flow of the class content.

How has your mentor’s teaching style helped you with your studying? (Why did their teaching style work for you?)

I have really appreciated my mentor’s teaching style. He fostered a collaborative and interactive classroom which constantly tested our knowledge as he thought of the content. This worked well for me as it required me to be actively analysing the content taught and thus, improved my agility in answering different types of questions. It also created a very supportive learning environment.

Can you share your number one study tip?

  1. For economics, consolidate your knowledge through answering short answers and essays throughout the year – so when you go back to study each topic, the way that you want to answer each type of question is already there!
  2. Study in the morning and get it out of the way – then you can enjoy your afternoon stress free!

​​If I could describe Talent-100 in one word, it would be:


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