The best advice I can give is to try your best to consistently get a good night's sleep. There's nothing harder than problem solving with an exhausted brain.

Callum is a graduate of Barker College who loves music and laughing. He often finds himself in a room without knowing why he's there.

Talent 100 Mentor
Callum Betteridge
Learning Centre
School Attended
Barker College
Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine at the University of New South Wales
  • Premier's Award for All‑Round Excellence (2015)
  • Dean's Award for Academic Excellence at the University of Sydney (2016)

My top 5 study tips

1Set small study goals (2 hours long). When you achieve them, reward yourself with a fun hobby like reading or playing an instrument.

2Although sacrificing everything for work may make you feel in control of the work, it might actually be the work controlling your life.

3Try and balance the achievement of academic goals with the maintenance of your physical, mental and social health.

4For content heavy subjects, making your own flashcards is like making notes that are fun and easy to study later.

5Have an app that temporarily blocks Facebook and other time wasting apps so that you have 1-2 hours of hard study, then a small but effective break.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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