Talent 100 provides a very positive structured learning environment with Mentors who are truly interested and invested in the student's success

Armed with a Bachelor of Science, a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Masters of Educational Administration, Craig insists his best achievements are his two wonderful children. He loves the positively structured learning environment with Mentors truly interested and invested in student success, and has an avid interest in improving Mentor pedagogy. Craig states that teaching at Talent 100 is the equivalent to sky diving. He genuinely enjoys teaching such bright, motivated and hungry students.

His secrets to HSC success? Short sharp bursts of intense study. Set short and long terms goals. Ask when you're unsure. And reward yourself by relaxing with what you enjoy.

Talent 100 Mentor
Craig Date
Teaching Experience
25 Years
Learning Centre
Bachelor of Science, Diploma of Education, Masters of Educational Administration
  • My two wonderful children!

My top 5 study tips

1Be organised.

2Short sharp bursts of study.

3Set short and long term goals.

4Ask when unsure.

5Reward yourself and relax with what you enjoy!

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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