Talent 100 Mentor
Daniel Czapski
School Attended
Christian Brothers' High School Lewisham
Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) with a Major in Physics and Mathematics at the University of New South Wales
  • Ranked 4th in state for Studies of Religion I, HSC All‑Rounder, Awarded the Michael Damien Forrester Award for Dux of the School, Awarded Science Achiever's Award.

My top 5 study tips

1Don't just memorise formulae.Try to aim for an understanding of the underlying mechanisms and facts: if you understand why something is so, it will help you apply it correctly and that is what marks are awarded for.

2Try to take breaks. Studying for hours in a contiguous block is possible, but it is far easier to retain information if you break it up.

3Be disciplined in your study. Whether you study consistently or tend to study a lot just before exams, try to be organised and disciplined. Know what you need to know, how long it will (realistically) take, form a plan and execute.

4Practice. Once you are confident in your content, practice. Don't be afraid to use the solutions if you get stuck. Do a few questions each time you complete a topic or section.

5Maintain some balance. Your academic career is a marathon, not a sprint: work hard but remember not to peak too early and risk burning out before the finish line.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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