Talent 100 Mentor
Rosanna Lee
Learning Centre
School Attended
Gosford High School
Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Clinical Optometry at UNSW
  • School Dux / Chapman Award for Diligence and Sustained Effort – Gosford High School, September 2019
  • ‑ Recognised for achieving the highest results internally for HSC in the cohort of 2019.
  • School Prefect – Gosford High School, 2019
  • ‑ Recognised for completing the Gosford High School leadership challenge which included partaking in:
  • Community service
  • School service
  • Academic achievements
  • Annual film festival
  • Sports carnivals

My top 5 study tips

1Always prioritise your weakest subjects when studying, but make sure you spend time on each one!

2Write summary notes on any theory points you find challenging.

3Note down hard practice questions you come across so that you don't forget how to approach them.

4Group study sessions are a great way to teach your friends what you are confident in, and receive help from others in subjects you struggle with.

5Remember to take breaks from time to time so that you don't overwork yourself.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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