Talent 100 Mentor
Thy Pham
Learning Centre
School Attended
Sydney Girls High School
Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at UNSW

My top 5 study tips

1Write your own notes! This will be really helpful to revise especially when you haven't studied a certain topic for a while

2PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Expose yourself to as many questions as possible

3ALWAYS look after your mental health! For some, stress is one of the best motivators to study but be careful not to be overwhelmed, otherwise it will be more counter-productive than productive!

4Always link back to the rubric. Whether this be English, Sciences or Maths, the core of what you need to learn will come from the rubric. Use this to help you stay on track!

5Form study groups - after you have done a lot of individual study, you might find it productive to form study groups. That way, you can revise your knowledge by teaching your peers, or find gaps in your understanding that your friends can help you out with!

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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