How to survive the 2019 school year

How To Survive The 2019 School Year For Students

Another school year is just around the corner, and now is truly the best time to incorporate good study habits for the year ahead

Whether you’re starting Year 10 or preparing for the Trial Examinations and HSC in Year 12, we have compiled a few helpful study tips which will make school life so much easier.

Start writing notes

Even though it’s technically the first semester of the year (apart from you, Year 12 students), it’ll be easier for you to get into the habit of writing study and revision notes now. Designate a time during the week to revise all your subjects; this will make it so much easier to manage when workload begins to increase throughout the rest of the semester. If you have a major work to complete during the year, now is the best time to get organised and create a method which will help to stay on top of future assessments throughout the rest of the school year.

Create a positive study environment

Who wants to study in a workspace that is messy and unorganised? Now is the best time of year to de-clutter your desk and make room for the notes, textbooks and work that the new school year will bring. If you need an extra bit of motivation, create a vision board and fill it with your favourite quotes, objectives for the future, and put it in a place which is easily visible from where you’re studying. It’s that extra bit of motivation which will make a difference in your work ethic!

Find a study buddy 

Finding it difficult to adhere to a solo study schedule? If you need help in a particular subject, one of our best tips is to enlist the help of a study buddy! This can especially come in handy if you need someone to help revise with you, since the content will actually stick in your mind if you’re revising it with someone else. Rather than choosing a study place which can be tempting for procrastination, choose an environment such as a library or quiet outdoor area with little distractions. Choose a time and place which works for both parties, and commit to meeting up and revising your study notes with each other.

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Explain your work to someone else

One of the best ways to remember a method, formula or theory is to try and explain it to someone who has little background information about the subject. This will not only help you to explain the theory better, but it will actually stick in your mind and make it easier to understand. Try it, it actually works!

Don’t over-commit 

You might find that this time of year is relatively quiet, but this doesn’t mean that the workload won’t increase as the weeks go by. To make the school and life balance as seamless as possible, we suggest decreasing any extracurricular activities since you might already have so much on your plate. Let yourself get settled those first few weeks after school starts, then see if you can add anything extra onto your plate. Just remember, it’s perfectly fine to say no if you feel like you’re being overwhelmed. Make sure you’re getting enough downtime so your body can recharge.

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