What Are The Secrets To The HSC?

The number one question we’re often asked at Talent 100 is:

What are the secrets to the HSC?

While it’s important to stay organised and on top of all your subjects, there are a few extra tips that we have up our sleeve so you can achieve the best ATAR possible. Ultimately, the HSC and entering Year 12 doesn’t have to be something you should fear. Take the time, now, while you have it, to lay down the hard work and make sure you’re prepared for the year ahead.

Here are a few of our secrets if you’re a Year 12 student in 2019, or need some extra guidance for the following year:

Don’t be afraid of scaling

The number one thing to know about scaling is that it effectively adjusts scores based on difficulty. Scaling is an essential feature of the HSC since it is needed to distinguish between subjects that have a different difficulty. For example, is a HSC mark in Legal Studies the same as 90 in General Mathematics? Enter scaling; which adjusts the marks to what they would be if every student in the HSC did that test. It can be compared to currency conversion: making sure that all the currency is the same so we can get an idea of the bigger picture.

Don’t listen to the HSC myths

Most people believe that only the smartest of students can store a high ATAR, and we’re here to tell you that’s just not true. If you apply yourself and find a study technique that works for you and your skills, then there’s no limit to how well you can perform in the HSC. Plus, a hard-working student of decent intelligence will surpass the genius. Every time!

Put in the hard work now

What we like to tell our students is the work that you put in over the next two years, will ultimately shape the following twenty years of your life.

Hard work and outstanding assessment marks will cultivate a desirable ATAR, giving you entry to a university degree of your choice, opening many doors to good career prospects in the future. Do what you can now while you have the time, and see how this can pay off for you in the future. Whether this means tutoring for a few subjects that require more attention, or spending more time getting your notes organised for when you need to revise.

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