Year 11 Chemistry class is now in session

Year 11 Preliminary Chemistry: Making and Breaking Bonds (Module 3)

Join us as we explore why some chemical reactions result in giant explosions, it’s all part of Making and Breaking Bonds (Module 3 Preliminary Chemistry)

Hosted by our Talent 100 Academic Director Dr Nikhil Vasan, we’re going to break down a few of the most important topics for each section of Module 3: Metal Activity Series and Displacement Reactions for Preliminary Chemistry (Year 11).

In this episode of Preliminary Chemistry Talent Teaching Series, we’ll be taking a look at making and breaking bonds, the most important part of looking at how energy changes in chemical reactions.

To find out, catch the rest of Nikhil’s revision lesson by watching the video below:

Making and Breaking bonds is an important concept since it links strongly to energy. We know that some chemical reactions can release energy, and others can suck in energy from the environment. How can we figure out which reactions do what?

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