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Year 11 Preliminary Chemistry: Redox Reactions (Module 3)

Let’s take a closer look at Redox Reactions (Module 3 Preliminary Chemistry)

Hosted by our Talent 100 Academic Director Dr Nikhil Vasan, we’re going to break down a few of the most important topics for each section of Module 3: Metal Activity Series and Displacement Reactions for Preliminary Chemistry (Year 11).

In this episode of Preliminary Chemistry Talent Teaching Series, we’ll be taking a look at Redox Reactions part of Module 3: Reactive Chemistry.

One of the most important types of chemicals that participate in reactions are metals. Metals have a broad range of reactions that they participate in, but there’s something that links metals together: that’s how they like to treat their electrons. Let’s take Magnesium for example, which has an outer shell of two electrons (which is a linking point for metals, between 1-3 electrons which is something really low.

Magnesium has 2 outer electrons; it can either grab another 6 electrons resulting in a total of 8 in its outer shell, or it can get rid of 2 electrons and it also has a four outer shell because one of the inner ones becomes an ‘outer shell.’

What’s easier for Magnesium?

To get rid of 2 electrons or gain 6? Getting rid of 2 is easier because you just need to move 2 electrons around. It then forms the following:

Year 11 Chemistry: Redox Reactions

The outer shell is now gone, and it just has a full inner shell. You might be asking why it is 2+?

Redox Reactions are some of the most poorly understood parts of Preliminary Chemistry. To keep revising, catch the rest of Nikhil’s revision lesson by watching the video below on our YouTube channel:

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