Summary of Terms and Conditions
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This summary is designed to help you understand our detailed Terms and Conditions which apply to you.

Please read the full Terms & Conditions here.




Some capitalised words in this summary mean the following:

  • Us, We and Our means Talent 100 Pty Ltd.
  • You or Your means a student of Talent 100 Pty Ltd, or their parent or guardian if the student is under 18.
  • Services means the educational services we provide as set out in the Enrolment Agreement.
  • Term means a Talent 100 Academic term during a school year.

By enrolling in one of our course programs, you are entering into an agreement with us.

The agreement is governed by our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use, Enrolment Agreement, Pricing Guide and Direct Debit Terms (together, the Full Terms or the Agreement).

Please read the Full Terms carefully.

We provide learning and tuition services across a range of subjects designed to help prepare you for your Higher School Certificate. These Services will be provided either face to face or online.

The Services we provide to you under the Agreement will be tailored to your selected subjects, this is detailed in your Enrolment Agreement. We will provide the Services to you using due skill and care.

Each program has different conditions, such as those relating to tuition fees, tutorial privileges, subject selection, program inclusions and minimum enrolment commitments. If you change your enrolment during the Service Period, you may be required to pay additional fees.

You may pay for your Enrolment Fees either:

Term Payment Option 4 x payments for each term fees on dates provided
Upfront Yearly Payment Option 1 x payments for full Course Fees
Fast Forward and Revision Courses Single payment for each Course Fee

Our Fees are set out in your Enrolment Agreement. 

New student enrolments may (at our discretion) be entitled to attend ONE lesson per course prior to the fees being deducted (Cooling Off Period). You may choose to discontinue after the Cooling Off Period without charge, by providing notice by the first Tuesday immediately following the end of your trial period. If you choose to continue, your enrolments fees will be calculated from your commencement week, not from the end of the Cooling Off Period. Your First Payment will only be processed after the Cooling Off Period has been completed.

If you commence after Week 1 of the term, your fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on the remaining weeks of the term or year.

Our Fees, payment methods, promotions and these Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time at our discretion.

We process all direct debit payments through a direct debit system managed by IntegraPay. The IntegraPay terms and conditions form part of your agreement with us and you can read them here.

Where students elect to pay by instalments by direct debit, payments are processed per the payment schedule outlined below and in Appendix 1 of Terms & Conditions, as payment for the following term.

Your nominated bank account or credit card will be debited on the following dates:

Term 4, 2023 Monday, 25 Sept 1 week prior
Term 1, 2024 Monday, 15 Jan 1 week prior
Term 2, 2024 Monday, 8 April 1 week prior
Term 3, 2024 Monday 8 July 1 week prior
Term 4, 2024 Monday 30 Sept 1 week prior

You may be charged a dishonour fee for any declined transactions. Talent 100 will make all reasonable endeavours to contact you directly however, if the account remains overdue after 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your enrolment and disenrol you from all classes. 

Whenever you are required to give us Notice, you must do so in writing by submitting an Online Account Enquiry Form or sending us an email to info@talent-100.com.au (“Notice”).

All enrolment payments are non-refundable except where there are exceptional medical or emergency reasons.

Where there are extenuating circumstances, Talent may, at its absolute discretion, provide a credit or refund where it is deemed appropriate. Refunds will be subject to a Disenrolment fee of $250 per subject.

You will have access to our online resources via our online student portal at my-mentor.com.au for your selected subjects, until your enrolment ceases. You are responsible for all activities that happen through your log-in – it’s up to you to keep your log-in credentials safe. You must tell us right away if you suspect unauthorized use of your account or that it’s been compromised in any way.

You are expected to exhibit good behaviour and not to act in an anti-social or disruptive manner. If inappropriate behaviour persists, we may cancel your enrolment. You must abide by the conditions of your enrolment in all your behaviours in classes and online program and we reserve the right to cancel your enrolment should this be breached.

You agree to share your school exam results and HSC results as soon as ATAR results are released. You agree that you (and/or your parent or guardian) will not approach our Mentors to provide you with tutoring services during the time you are enrolled with us or the 12 months after.

You consent to us using advertising (including your name, exam results, videos and photographs) for promotional purposes only.

We own all Intellectual Property rights in our Materials. Nothing in these Terms transfers or licenses any of those rights to you. You will not copy, print, upload in any way, sell or disclose any of our Material. Your use of the ‘My Mentor Website’ is strictly by way of a conditional licence from us to you. 

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any log-in credentials provided to access online materials and agree to notify us if you suspect unauthorized use of your account.

We agree not to disclose your Confidential Information to any third party other than, where necessary.

The Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales. The Agreement is the entire agreement between you and us. This means the Agreement superseded any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between you and us, whether it was a verbal agreement or in writing.

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