Talent 100 Mentor
Helena Ke
Teaching Experience
4 Years
Learning Centre
School Attended
Fort Street High School
Bachelor of Science /Bachelor of Secondary Education (Science) at the University of Sydney
  • Premier’s All Rounders Award for achieving Band 6 in all selected subjects
  • Preliminary and HSC Chemistry teaching experience (3 years;
    Private and Classroom environment)
  • Year 10 Accelerated Chemistry Course in high school
    • Came 1st in school, Fort Street (out of ~100 students)
    • 96 external mark

  • Deep understanding of and experience teaching New NSW Chemistry Syllabus
    • has written extensive and detailed notes covering the Year 12 HSC Chemistry syllabus

  • Ranked 6th in state for Visual Arts ‑ 99 external mark

My top 5 study tips

1I strongly recommend exercising min. 2-3 times a week.This will help you clear your mind and improve your studying.

2Ask your teachers or mentors for help whenever you have questions! We are more than happy to offer explanations, words of advice and support.

3If you are disappointed by your marks, do not dwell on it. Understand where you went wrong, ask for feedback and use this as a learning experience so you may improve in the future.

4If your classmates ask for help about a question, offer to explain the answer to them. In doing so, you will you find that you have a better understanding of the concept yourself.

5Your mental health is important. If you are feeling mentally unwell, give yourself a break and talk to a friend, caregiver, school counsellor or someone you trust.

Great futures begin with great HSC results

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